Main products of the company

Suzhou Wude-based Panel Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to R&D and production of advanced technology, reliable quality, practical wood-based panel equipment. With a number of series of leading technology, high quality and proprietary patented technology products, product line distribution is reasonable, to meet customer needs. Products are exported to the United States, Australia, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan 、Poland and Taiwan, China and soon.


The company has strong technical force and has a group of experienced product designers and technicians. The company pays attention to product research and development, production and technical personnel training, and has collaboration and scientific research relations with many domestic universities, and with the famous universities in China Tongji University, Nanjing Forestry University and other aspects of technology research and development and product development cooperation.


It is our aim to provide high quality, high quality equipment and perfect service. The company will adhere to the spirit of "professional casting quality, innovation and pursuit of excellence" to constantly improve and update new products, create a high-quality brand of Chinese wood-based panel equipment, and provide customers at home and abroad with world-class equipment and perfect technical services.


One, Short cycle veneer production line             Two, multi-layer press             Three, Test press                       

Four, automatic loading and unloading production line.

Five, edge cleaning machine             Six, cool plate machine             Seven, honeycomb panel production line

We not only produce the above standard production line, but also design the personalized production plan according to the user's needs to meet the special needs of users.

Diligent and dedicated

Realistic and innovative

The spirit of wude

Tenet of wude

Professionally cast quality

Innovation striving for excellence

Wude concept

Provide high quality, high quality equipment and perfect service.

Corporate culture

Suzhou Wuwei can provide high-quality wude-based panel equipment for customers as the basic goal, adhere to technological innovation and service upgrading; focus on building high-quality wood-based panel equipment and a high-quality talent team; dedicated to shaping the wood-based panel equipment industry first-class enterprises.

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