High-pressure multilayer press

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WDYJ-H High Pressure and Multilayer Hot Press Unit


Production of high pressure products such as HPL insulation board

This press unit is composed of loading machine、hot press、unloading machine and setting plate circulating system.
It has advanced automatic controlling system, some advanced auto control device like PLC, computer, pressure sensor, and temperature sensor are applied to the electrical system of this line. Computer screen can show control interface in English、Chinese and the user’s language. The control interface shows parameters like pressure and temperature clearly, you can control, adjust the hot press process and the hot plate temperature easily. According to the dynamic curves formed automatically on the computer, you can see the pressure and temperature changing process vividly.
Some warning device is installed on the machine. It gives alarm in time when problem occures so as to ensure the product quality.
Suitable for: HPL, Bamboo Plywood, insulate board and circuit board.
Standard size: 4’×8’, 4’×9’, 4’×10’,5’×10’,5’×12’,6×12’,etc
This line needs only 3-4 workers.

If user has special requirement, we could design according to user’s requirement.

The main equipments of WDYJ-H High Pressure and Multilayer Hot Press



Specifications of WDYJ-H High Pressure and Multilayer Hot Press
The pressure of this press on board is among 75~120kg/ cm2.
The size of board could be 4’×8’, 4’×9’, 4’×10’,5’×10’,5’×12’,6×12’,etc.

layers: 10-20.
Its specifications are designed according to user’s detailed requirement.

Product exhibition
Following is the photos of our selled press.


WDYJ 41’’×49’’-15000H/20 (1045mm×1245mm, 1500 tons, 20 layers) insulating board press unit.



WDYJ 4′×8′-28000H/15 (1220mm×2440mm, 2800 tons, 15 layers) HPL press unit.

If you are interested in our machine, please send us the following information about your requirement, so that we can send you a detailed quotation.


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